Pakistan Dengue Poster

Dengue in Pakistan is like Dengue here in the Caribbean.  Our concerns are all the same, the solutions too.  This poster captures the essential details about this deadly disease in one fell swoop.

Pakistan Dengue Poster

Have you ever come across a Dengue poster or flier where you live?  If yes, send it to the Coalition with a brief description of the Dengue campaign being promoted by your country and we will surely post it up here.


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4 responses to “Pakistan Dengue Poster

  1. The support we can offer you, Ajmal, is strictly technical. Educational materials for an Anti-Dengue Campaign such as what you propose must be designed to address the specific conditions you are exposed to.

    The best we can do is publish some of the materials we have in our archives, but you would have to extract the information that is useful to you and make your own.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Anti-Dengue Campaign

    We the Serendib Foundation for Relief and Development (SFRD) is a non governmental organization. We work in various fields of Humanitarian Tasks among the affected people who are suffering poverty, unemployment, and environmental diseases.

    At this time in our country, there are hundreds of people identified as dengue patients. Some of them have died too. So we have prepared a work plan for preventing dengue. We have identified the places which are most affected by dengue.

    According to a Sri Lankan health ministry statement, 210 patients have died from dengue.

    We kindly request your support for our dengue campaign in the form of Posters (Dengue Awareness), Hand Bills, Leaflets, Banners, Books.

    Thanking You.

    H Ajmal
    Executive Secretary,
    Serendib Relief – SFRD
    11, Spill Road,
    Puttalam – 61300
    Sri Lanka.

  3. Could you describe what your precise plans are regarding Dengue? I could then advise you in developing your Dengue Awareness programme. However, you would have to produce posters and other materials that would address the particular circumstances where you live – the extent of the Dengue problem and the target group. In other words, all posters are not useful everywhere.

  4. Dear Sir,

    We are arranging Dengue promotions. Please send posters.

    Thank you

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