Bactivec against Aedes aegypti in Cuba

Translated and edited from these sources: English Spanish 

With a list in hand, Hildelisa Hernandez Martinez, a 72 year old resident of the Havana, Cuba municipality of Rattan field, points to her numbered water tanks and demonstrates how each tank must be treated, complete with the correct formulation of Bactivec (in drops) and the frequency of  the applications. 

 Bactivec against Aedes aegypti 

This bottle contains bACTIVEC, A BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT WHICH IS innocuous TO human beings and KILLS THE larvae of the Aedes aegypti MOSQUITO tHAT tRaNsmitS dengue and yellow fever.

Raul Alemán of Rattan Field is seen here applying the Bactivec, developed by the Cuban company Labiofam as a biological means of quickly destroying the larvae of the Aedes aegypti, an insect that favours human blood and transmits diseases like Dengue and Yellow Fever.  

Another Rattan resident, Raul, testifies to the fact that the bees and the butterflies that were driven away from Rattan by the smoke generated by fogging have now returned.  Raul added that already the evenings are free of the mosquitoes known to bite at dusk because that product kills not only the larvae of the Aedes aegypti, but those of Cúlex, Anopheles and Mansonia, among others.

For Marta Umarán, 58, a resident of Rattan Field, the Bactivec is very good because no longer does she see any larvae in the water that is stored in tanks. The inspectors of the Labiofam Vector Control brigade use ladders to access the overhead tanks on the roofs in order to apply the Bactivec drops as prescribed.

During a recent inspection by the Ministry of Public Health, headed by Dr. Rafael Figueredo, an internationally recognized entomology specialist reviewed the work done in the Havana municipality of Rattan Field.  He did not find larvae either inside the houses, or the adults resting on the leaves of trees, which was surprising, because only a few weeks earlier the insects were in abundance. 

The conclusion reached about Bactivec is that it can be equally effective in the fight against the larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito found in containers both inside and outside of houses in other provinces with heavy infestations of the Dengue vector.  This kind of intervention will offer an adequate, alternative method of mosquito control to chemical fumigations or fogging that only destroys adult insects.  The aerial application of Bactivec is already being undertaken in Ministry of Agriculture greenhouses located in Slaughters, Sancti Spíritus and the Havana municipality of Güines.

2 responses to “Bactivec against Aedes aegypti in Cuba

  1. Have you actually tried the product, Tony? How well did it work for you?

  2. Anyabuike Tony

    I received the product with mixed feelings even though its from a govt agent. Honestly, I didn’t consider her serious because govt in Nigeria can be funny sometimes. But I googled Bactivec. I’m convinced with the demonstration in Havana Cuba.

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